14 Most Popular Songs About Amanda, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Looking for songs about someone named Amanda? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Countless songs have been written and sung about someone special named Amanda.

These songs range from heartfelt ballads to upbeat anthems, each capturing a different aspect of this famous name.

Here is a list of the Most Popular Songs About Amanda written about the name Amanda.

1. Amanda by Chris Stapleton

“Amanda” by Chris Stapleton is a heartfelt ballad that captures the essence of unrequited love.

This song tells the story of a man deeply in love with a woman named Amanda, but unfortunately, she does not feel the same way.

The lyrics are filled with longing and vulnerability as the man pours his heart out, expressing his feelings for Amanda and how he wishes for her to reciprocate them.

2. Amanda by Boston

The popular 80s rock ballad “Amanda” by the band Boston is a song that holds deep meaning for many listeners.

The lyrics beautifully depict the emotions of a man willing to do anything for his beloved, even if it means being apart from her for an extended period.

The haunting guitar riffs and powerful vocals add to the overall sentimentality of the track, making it a timeless classic.

3. Amanda by Waylon Jennings

The song “Amanda” by Waylon Jennings is a beloved country classic that has stood the test of time.

Released in 1974, it tells the story of a man deeply in love with a woman named Amanda and reflects on their relationship.

The lyrics are simple yet profound, with Jennings crooning about how he’s been through tough times and found solace in Amanda’s arms.

4. Amanda by Don Williams

“Amanda” is a heartfelt song by Don Williams that tells the story of a man’s enduring love for his partner, Amanda.

The song captures the essence of love and commitment, describing how the narrator has been enamored with Amanda since they first met.

The lyrics also touch upon their struggles and challenges together, but their love never wavered through it all.

It is a testament to the unbreakable bond between two who have weathered life’s storms together.

5. Amanda’s Song by Scott Kelly and the Dynamics

“Amanda’s Song” is a heartfelt and moving track by Scott Kelly and The Dynamics that tells the story of a young woman who has lost her way in life.

The lyrics reflect her struggles and challenges, with lines like “Lost and lonely in a crowded room, searching for something she can’t find.”

But during all this turmoil, there is also a sense of hope and determination as Amanda refuses to give up.

6. Amanda by Green Day

The song “Amanda” by Green Day is a heartfelt and emotional track that tells the story of a young girl whose life has been filled with struggles and pain.

The lyrics are raw and honest, painting a vivid picture of Amanda’s journey through adversity and its impact on her life.

The song describes how she tries to escape her troubled past but is constantly dragged back into it.

7. Mandy by Barry Manilow

“Mandy” by Barry Manilow is a classic ballad that tells the story of a man reminiscing about lost love.

The lyrics beautifully capture the pain and longing felt by someone who has let go of their true love. Manilow’s passionate vocals and poignant piano accompaniment add to the emotional depth of this song.

8. Crazy Amanda Bunkface by Sum 41

“Crazy Amanda Bunkface” is an infectious track by Canadian rock band Sum 41.

The lyrics tell the story of a young girl named Amanda who struggles with her identity.

The energetic guitars and drums create an upbeat sound, but the underlying message is empathy and understanding towards those battling mental health issues.

9. I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore by Sharon Needles

“I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore” is a vibrant and fun song by drag artist Sharon Needles.

The lyrics express wanting to be like the iconic and glamorous transgender model Amanda Lepore.

Through her unique style and fierce attitude, Lepore has become a symbol of self-love and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.

10. Te Recuerdo Amanda by Victor Jara

“Te Recuerdo Amanda” is a powerful song written and performed by legendary Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara.

Released in 1969, the song is a heartfelt tribute to Amanda Gonzalez.

The lyrics are filled with nostalgia and bittersweet memories as Jara reminisces about their time together in the small town of Chillán.

11. Mandy is Two by Billie Holiday

“Mandy is Two” is a heartwarming and deeply nostalgic song by the legendary Billie Holiday.

This song captures the bittersweet feelings of watching a child you once knew grow up and become an independent individual.

The lyrics beautifully paint the picture of a little girl turning two, with her pigtails and bright eyes, while acknowledging that she will soon leave behind her childhood innocence.

It’s a sentimental reminder to cherish every moment because time quickly passes.

The melody is soft and soothing, adding to the nostalgic mood of the song.

12. Practical Amanda by Ben Fold & Nick Hornby

“Practical Amanda” is a charming and relatable song by Ben Folds and Nick Hornby that explores the complexities of human relationships.

The song tells the story of a couple who have been together for quite some time and the protagonist’s realization that his partner, Amanda, is practical.

The lyrics evoke feelings of familiarity as we can all probably relate to being in a relationship with someone who has different traits and perspectives from us.

13. Miss Amanda Jones by The Rolling Stones

“Miss Amanda Jones” is a song that stands out in The Rolling Stones’ classic catalog for its unique sound and story.

Released in 1967, it tells the tale of a woman who comes from a wealthy background and chooses to live a carefree lifestyle.

The lyrics are filled with cheeky references and clever wordplay, showcasing the band’s trademark wit and charm.

However, beneath the catchy melody lies a deeper meaning about society’s obsession with social status and the pressure to conform.

14. Amanda by Joe Andrews

The song “Amanda” by Joe Andrews is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a special person.

The lyrics are filled with love, admiration, and gratitude for this person named Amanda.

The song’s tone is tender and affectionate, reflecting the deep emotions towards Amanda.


What is all about the name Amanda?

Amanda is a beautiful and popular name with origins in Latin and English.

It means “worthy of love” or “lovable” and has been used for centuries to describe someone beloved or desirable.

In ancient Roman culture, the name Amanda was often given to girls thought to be loved by the gods.

In medieval England, it was used as a nickname for women named Amandine, which translates to “beloved.”

Today, Amanda continues to be a popular name choice for parents worldwide. It conveys a sense of warmth, affection, and charm that captures the essence of its meaning.

Amanda is often described as a friendly, kind-hearted, and easy-going individual who is easy to love and connect with.

Is Amanda a good name?

In my personal opinion, I believe that Amanda is a lovely name. Not only does it have a beautiful and melodic sound, but it also holds a lot of positive connotations.

The name Amanda is derived from the Latin root “Amanda,” which means “lovable” or “worthy of love.”

This meaning alone makes it an excellent choice for a name, as it reflects kindness and affection towards others.

Additionally, Amanda has been consistently famous throughout different generations and cultures, further solidifying its appeal as a timeless and classic name.

How rare is the name Amanda?

The name Amanda is not as rare as some think, but it is also not incredibly common.

According to the latest data, Amanda ranks 376th in popularity for female names in the United States.

This means many other names are more popular than Amanda but are still relatively well-known and recognizable.

However, the name’s popularity varies depending on where you live. It may be more common in some areas, while it may be considered more unique in others.

What type of girl is Amanda?

Amanda is a sweet and kind-hearted girl whom everyone around her loves.

She possesses a charismatic personality that instantly draws people towards her. Her infectious smile and positive energy can light up any room she enters.

Amanda is warm and caring, always going out of her way to help others in need.

She is the perfect combination of beauty and brains as she excels in academics and extracurricular activities.

Does Amanda mean love?

Whenever we hear the name “Amanda,” it often evokes feelings of love and affection.

This could be because the name Amanda means “lovable” or “worthy of love” in Latin.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to assume that every person named Amanda embodies these qualities automatically.

People are complex beings, and their actions cannot be determined solely by their names.

We must remember that while names can hold significance, they do not define a person’s character or personality.

So, does Amanda mean love? Well, it’s up to Amanda to show us what kind of person they are through their words and deeds.

Let’s not judge someone based on just one aspect but get to know them before forming an opinion.

What is a cute nickname for Amanda?

A cute nickname for Amanda can be “Mandy.” It is short, sweet, and easy to pronounce.

The name “Mandy” exudes a friendly and playful vibe, making it a perfect nickname for someone like Amanda with a bubbly personality.


We hope that this list of songs about Amanda has brought back some fond memories or introduced you to new favorite songs.

Whether you are an Amanda yourself or have a special someone named Amanda, these songs are a beautiful tribute to the name.

Each song captures different aspects of the human experience, from love and friendship to heartbreak and redemption.

So next time you hear one of these melodies, think of all the fantastic Amandas out there and let the music bring a smile to your face.

Thank you for reading, and happy listening!

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