20 Most Popular Songs About Secret Love of All Time, Ranked

There’s truly nothing quite like the feeling of a secret love. The thrill of stolen glances, the fear of getting caught, and the excitement of being with someone you’re not supposed to be with.

Unsurprisingly, countless musicians have been inspired to write songs about this alluring topic.

Below are the Most Popular Songs About Secret Love that resonate with listeners who have experienced the agony of keeping their love hidden from others.

They capture the bittersweet nature of secret love, making us all feel seen and understood through music.

1. “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn

“Call Your Girlfriend” by Swedish singer Robyn is a catchy and heartfelt song that delves into the complexities of secret love.

The lyrics tell the story of someone in a relationship with someone else who can’t help falling for someone new.

They know the right thing to do is end their current relationship before pursuing anything with the new person, but they can’t bring themselves to make that call.

The song beautifully captures the struggle between loyalty to one’s partner and following one’s heart.

2. “Magnets” by Disclosure ft. Lorde

“Magnets” by Disclosure ft. Lorde is a magnetic collaboration that tells the story of secret love.

The dynamic electronic beats combined with Lorde’s powerful vocals create an irresistible allure, much like the pull of a magnet.

The lyrics depict a passionate and forbidden romance between two people who cannot resist the intense attraction they feel for each other.

3. “Holding Her and Loving You” by Clay Walker

“Holding Her and Loving You” by Clay Walker is a heart-wrenching song about the complicated emotions that come with secret love.

The singer describes his struggle between holding onto his current partner and loving someone else secretly.

He reveals the pain of hiding his true feelings and constantly feeling torn between two loves.

4. “Lips of An Angel” by Hinder


“Lips of An Angel” by Hinder is a heartfelt ballad that tells the story of a person torn between their current relationship and an old flame.

The lyrics paint a picture of a late-night phone call from the ex-lover, bringing back memories and reigniting feelings that were thought to be long gone.

The singer expresses the internal conflict of wanting to answer the call and being loyal to their partner.

5. “Even Now” by Barry Manilow

“Even Now” by Barry Manilow is an emotionally charged ballad that tells the story of a secret love that still lingers in the singer’s heart, even after years have passed.

The lyrics convey the longing and yearning of someone still sincerely in love with someone they cannot be with.

It speaks of the bittersweet feeling of holding onto memories and wondering what could have been if things had turned out differently.

The song’s sad tone perfectly captures the pain and hidden emotions of unrequited love, making it relatable for anyone who has ever experienced a similar situation.

6. “My Little Secret” by Xscape

“My Little Secret” by Xscape is a soulful R&B song that tells the story of a secret love affair.

The song is filled with smooth harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, making it an emotional journey for the listener.

The lyrics paint a picture of two people deeply in love but cannot publicly express their feelings for various reasons.

The secrecy adds an element of excitement and thrill to their relationship, making it all the more intense and passionate.

7. “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry

“Thinking of You” by Katy Perry is a heartfelt ballad that delves into the complex emotions of secret love.

The song narrates the story of someone in love with someone they can’t openly express their feelings to.

With a gentle and soothing melody, Perry’s vocals beautifully capture the bittersweet longing and yearning for this special someone.

The lyrics paint a picture of two people who share a strong connection but cannot be together due to various circumstances.

8. “Part Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder

“Part Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder is a catchy and upbeat song about a secret love affair.

It explores the idea of falling for someone already in a committed relationship and the struggle of wanting to be with them but knowing that it can only be in secret.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of sneaking around and trying to hide their love from others, creating a sense of forbidden excitement.

9. “I Honestly Love You” by Olivia Newton-John

“I Honestly Love You” by Olivia Newton-John is a beautiful and emotionally charged love ballad that tells the story of someone secretly in love with another person.

The song captures the internal struggle of keeping these feelings hidden and the overwhelming desire to confess them.

Through her tender and heartfelt vocals, Olivia expresses the pain and longing of this unrequited love and the fear of rejection that often comes with it.

10. “Secrets” by OneRepublic

“Secrets” by OneRepublic is a powerful and emotionally charged song that delves into the complexities of secret love.

With heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, the band explores the idea of hiding one’s true feelings for someone to protect themselves from potential rejection or judgment.

The song speaks to anyone who has ever been caught up in a hidden and forbidden love affair, where they must keep their deepest desires locked away from the world.

11. “Diary” by Alicia Keys

“Diary” by Alicia Keys is a beautiful ballad that tells the story of a secret love. It is a heartfelt confession of being in love with someone but unable to express those feelings publicly.

The song captures the emotions of longing and desire as the speaker yearns for their lover while keeping it hidden from everyone else.

Keys’ soulful vocals add depth and vulnerability to the lyrics, conveying the intensity of this forbidden love.

12. “Talking In Your Sleep” The Romantics

“Talking In Your Sleep” by The Romantics is a timeless classic that has captivated listeners with its catchy beat and irresistible lyrics.

The lyrics tell the story of someone secretly in love with someone but not daring to express their feelings.

This song beautifully captures the struggle of unrequited love and how sometimes our most accurate feelings can only be expressed when we are unconscious.

13. “Dirty Little Secret” by the All-American Rejects

“Dirty Little Secret” by the All-American Rejects is a catchy and upbeat song about a secret love affair.

The lyrics portray the struggle of keeping something hidden from others while also feeling an intense desire to express it.

The singer’s words are filled with longing and regret as they confess about their forbidden love, which has become their “dirty little secret”.

This song speaks to anyone who has ever been in a situation where they have to hide their true feelings for someone for fear of judgment or disapproval from society.

14. “Secrets” by Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert’s song “Secrets” is a heartfelt and raw depiction of people’s struggles to hide their true selves from the world.

The powerful lyrics delve into the complexities of secret love, whether it be for someone of the same gender or a forbidden relationship.

This empowering anthem reminds us that everyone has secrets, but they should not define or limit us.

15. “Little Secrets” by Passion Pit

“Little Secrets” by Passion Pit is a joyful and upbeat song about a secret love between two people.

The lyrics paint a picture of two individuals who are deeply in love but must keep their relationship hidden from the world.

The energetic melody and catchy chorus create an infectious feeling of happiness and carefree love.

As the song progresses, we see glimpses of the couple’s sneaky rendezvous and stolen moments, emphasizing their forbidden love’s excitement and thrill.

16. “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” by The Temptations

“Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” by The Temptations is a classic and iconic song that delves into the theme of secret love.

It tells the story of a man constantly moving from place to place, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts due to his unfaithfulness in relationships.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of this elusive and enigmatic character, “Papa,” who is always on the move and never stays in one place for too long.

Despite his reckless behavior, he continues to charm and captivate women with his smooth-talking ways.

17. “Luka” by Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega’s “Luka” is a heart-wrenching song that tells the story of a young boy hiding a dark secret about his home life.

The song is poignant and emotional, as it sheds light on the issue of domestic abuse through the eyes of an innocent child.

Luka is portrayed as a troubled child who seems to have accepted his fate but also yearns for someone to understand and help him.

18. “Long Black Veil” by Johnny Cash

“Long Black Veil” is a timeless song by the legendary Johnny Cash that tells a heartbreaking story of secret love.

The haunting lyrics and melancholic melody paint a picture of forbidden passion, as the protagonist must keep his love hidden behind his long black veil.

It speaks to the struggles and sacrifices for true love, even if it means living in secrecy and solitude.

19. “You Don’t Know Me” by Ray Charles

“You Don’t Know Me” is a heartfelt ballad by the legendary musician Ray Charles that tells the story of a secret love.

With soulful and tender vocals, Charles captures the raw emotions of someone deeply in love with another person but must keep their feelings hidden.

The lyrics portray the longing and yearning of an individual who feels invisible to their love interest, as they cannot express themselves or share their true feelings honestly.

This classic song beautifully portrays the universal theme of unrequited love and how it can be all-consuming.

20. “On The Other Hand” by Randy Travis

“On The Other Hand” by Randy Travis is a heartfelt country song that tells the story of a forbidden love.

The song talks about the struggle of being in a secret relationship and hiding it from the world. It reflects on the complex emotions that come with this type of love, including fear, excitement, and guilt.

Through its soulful lyrics and haunting melody, the song speaks to anyone who has ever been torn between following their heart and doing what is expected of them.


What’s a good song for someone you secretly love?

Here’s a list of good songs to let that particular person know how you feel without giving away your secret.

  • “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie is a beautiful and heartfelt melody that speaks of unconditional love.
  • “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne also perfectly captures the feeling of loving someone from afar with its soulful lyrics.
  • “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles exudes joy and happiness in every note.
  • Adele’s “Someone Like You”, a classic ballad about unrequited love that will surely strike a chord with anyone in a similar situation.

Is there a song about loving someone you can’t have?

Many people have experienced the bittersweet feeling of loving someone they can’t have.

It’s a complicated and often painful situation that has inspired countless songs.

One such song is “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, which speaks about falling for someone who belongs to someone else.

The hauntingly beautiful lyrics convey the helplessness and longing one feels when loving someone out of reach.

Other songs like “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and “Someone Like You” by Adele also touch upon this theme, with their heart-wrenching words resonating with listeners who can relate to the pain of being unable to be with the one you love.

What is the Spanish song about forbidden love?

One of the most iconic songs in this category is “La Prohibida” by Chilean singer Luis Fonsi.

This passionate song tells the tale of a love deemed forbidden by society, but the couple cannot resist their feelings for each other.

Another famous track is “Amor Prohibido” by Selena, which narrates a Romeo-and-Juliet-style forbidden romance between two young lovers from rival families.

“A Puro Dolor” by Son By Four talks about the bittersweet pain of being in love with someone who belongs to another, and “Hasta que te conocí” by Juan Gabriel portrays the longing and struggle of loving someone you cannot be with.

These Spanish songs beautifully capture forbidden love’s raw emotions and complexities, making them relatable to listeners worldwide.

How do you secretly say you love someone?

Secretly expressing your love for someone can be a delicate task, but there are ways to do it that will not give away your feelings.

One way is through small gestures such as leaving them little notes or surprises.

This allows you to show your affection without explicitly saying the words.

Another option is to pay attention and listen to them attentively, showing that you care about what they have to say.

You can also find subtle ways to compliment them or do things for them without making it obvious that it’s coming from a place of love.

Another way is simply spending time with them and trying to get to know them better, showing your interest and investment in the relationship without directly confessing your feelings.

What is the meaning of forbidden romance?

Forbidden romance refers to a romantic relationship between two individuals that is prohibited or discouraged by society, family, or cultural norms.

It can also be referred to as a taboo love affair, where the couple faces numerous challenges and obstacles due to their differences in status, race, religion, age, or societal expectations.

The concept of forbidden romance often carries an air of excitement and adventure as it goes against social norms and defies authority.

However, it also brings with it the fear of consequences and the risk of being shunned by loved ones or facing societal backlash.

The intensity and passion in such relationships are heightened due to the added complexity and danger involved.

Forbidden romances are often portrayed in literature and media as doomed love stories that defy all odds for the sake of true love.


In conclusion, love is a powerful and universal emotion captured in countless songs throughout history.

But sometimes, the most potent form of love must be kept secret. The songs on this list represent the complexities and nuances of secret love – from unrequited yearnings to forbidden affairs.

Each song invites us to enter the hidden world of secret love, offering solace and understanding to those who have walked a similar path.

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