21 Most Popular Songs About Good Men, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Looking for songs that celebrate good men? Look no further!

We have compiled a list of the Most Popular Songs About Good Men that will remind you of all the beautiful qualities that make up a good man.

1. What Makes A Good Man by The Heavy

“What Makes A Good Man” by The Heavy is a powerful and soulful song that delves into the characteristics and qualities of a genuine good man.

The lyrics are raw and honest, speaking of a man who is strong, honorable, and unafraid to show emotion. He stands up for his beliefs and fights for those he loves.

The song also touches upon men’s struggles and hardships, highlighting the importance of vulnerability and personal growth.

2. Good Man by Raphael Saadiq

“Good Man” by Raphael Saadiq is not just a song but an ode to the goodness and integrity of men.

The soulful R&B track speaks about the qualities that make a man truly good – honesty, compassion, and respect.

Through its heartfelt lyrics and smooth melody, the song celebrates the importance of being a good man in today’s society.

It serves as a reminder that despite all the negativity and stereotypes surrounding masculinity, many good men still embody these virtues.

3. Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

“Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson is a powerful and inspiring song encouraging listeners to look within themselves and make positive changes in the world.

The lyrics speak about taking responsibility for our actions and being the change we want to see.

4. Can’t Keep A Good Man Down by John Miles

“Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” by John Miles is a powerful and uplifting song that celebrates the resilience and strength of good men.

In this song, Miles emphasizes the unwavering spirit and determination of these individuals who refuse to be defeated by life’s challenges.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone who has faced setbacks and struggles but continues to push through with an unbreakable spirit.

5. Better Man by Pearl Jam

“Better Man” by Pearl Jam is a powerful and emotional song that delves into the complexity of relationships and the impact of good men in our lives.

The hauntingly beautiful lyrics portray the struggles of a woman trapped in an unhealthy and abusive relationship, longing for a better future with a better man.

6. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen

“Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” by Queen is a timeless classic that celebrates the virtues of good men.

The song, released in 1976, is a perfect blend of rock and pop, with Freddie Mercury’s signature vocals adding a touch of charm to the lyrics.

As the title suggests, the song speaks about a man who embodies the best qualities of an old-fashioned lover – kind, courteous, and always putting his partner’s needs above his own.

7. A Good Man by Emerson Drive

“Good men are hard to come by” is a phrase in Emerson Drive’s song, “A Good Man.”

This country track celebrates the qualities of a good man and highlights the importance of having one in our lives.

The lyrics portray how a good man stands by his values, treats people with respect, and takes responsibility for his actions.

8. He Didn’t Have To Be by Brad Paisley

“He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley is a heartwarming song about the enduring love and dedication of fathers, stepfathers, and father figures.

The country ballad tells the story of a young boy who grows up without his biological father but finds a loving and caring figure in his stepfather.

The lyrics beautifully capture the unconditional love and support that this man provides, going above and beyond what was expected or required of him.

9. One Man Can Change The World by Big Sean ft. Kanye West and John Legend

“One Man Can Change The World” is a powerful song by Big Sean featuring Kanye West and John Legend.

The song highlights one person’s impact on the world, for better or worse.

It serves as a reminder that good men still strive to make a positive difference, even in a world of chaos and hardships.

10. Waiting For Superman by Daughtry

“Waiting For Superman” by Daughtry is a heartfelt song about the longing for a good man to come into one’s life.

The lyrics are filled with emotions and yearning for someone like Superman, who can be a superhero in times of need.

The song talks about wanting to find a man who will love, protect, and support.

11. Better Man by Westlife

“Better Man” by Westlife is a heart-warming tribute to all the good men in our lives.

The lyrics of this beautiful song speak about the positive impact these men have on us, whether it be our fathers, partners, or male role models.

It highlights how their love and support make us stronger and better versions of ourselves.

12. Good Man by Ne Yo

The song “Good Man” by Ne-Yo is a powerful and heartfelt tribute to good men.

It showcases the qualities of a good man and celebrates their selflessness, loyalty, and dedication towards their loved ones.

The lyrics speak about a good man’s struggles and sacrifices to keep his promises and be the best version of himself.

13. Whatta Man by Salt-N-Pepa

“Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Pepa is a classic hip-hop feminist anthem celebrating good men.

The song, released in 1993, became an instant hit with its catchy chorus and powerful lyrics. It speaks about the qualities of a good man and how he adds value to a woman’s life.

14. He Heals Me by India Arie

“He Heals Me” by India Arie is a heartfelt and soulful song about the healing power of good men.

This song highlights the importance of having a supportive and caring partner who can lift you during tough times.

The lyrics speak about how this man’s love and positive energy have brought light into the singer’s life, helping her heal from past wounds and find inner peace.

15. Good Man by RL Huggar

“Good Man” by RL Huggar is a heartfelt and soulful tribute to all the good men.

The song is an ode to the kind, loving, and responsible men who are often underappreciated in today’s society.

It celebrates their qualities, such as loyalty, honesty, and compassion, making them stand out.

16. A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Eddie Green

“Good men are hard to find, but when you find one, they’re worth holding onto.” This message is conveyed in Eddie Green’s timeless song, “A Good Man Is Hard To Find.”

With earnest lyrics and a soulful melody, Green captures the essence of the struggle to find a man who embodies all the qualities of goodness.

He sings about how rare it is to come across someone kind, compassionate, and faithful, making it seem like finding such a man is almost like searching for a needle in a haystack.

17. The Man I Want To Be by Chris Young

“The Man I Want To Be” by Chris Young is a heartfelt song about the kind of man one aspires to be.

It is a tribute to all the good men who are strong, honest, and always strive to do the right thing.

The lyrics describe a man who wants to be better than his past self, someone who can make sacrifices for his loved ones and stand by them through thick and thin.

18. Real Good Man by Tim McGraw

“Real Good Man” by Tim McGraw is a heartfelt country song that celebrates the qualities of a good man.

The song is about appreciating the simple yet essential traits that make a man worthy of admiration and love.

It’s a reminder that being a good man doesn’t necessarily mean having fancy possessions or worldly success, but it’s about having integrity, kindness, and respect for others.

19. Good Man (First Love) by Andy Grammer

“Good Man (First Love)” by Andy Grammer is a heart-warming and nostalgic song that pays tribute to first love and the good men in our lives.

The song reflects on the special bond between a father and daughter as she reminisces about her first love, guided by the lessons and values instilled in her by her dad.

It beautifully portrays the idea of a good man who loves unconditionally, supports and guides their loved ones and leaves an everlasting impression on their lives.

20. Man Of The Year by Leroy Sanchez

“Man Of The Year” by Leroy Sanchez is a heartfelt tribute to the Good Men in our lives.

Through his passionate vocals and powerful lyrics, Sanchez reminds us of the unsung heroes who continuously inspire and uplift us.

The song captures the essence of being a good man – selfless, kind, and strong in times of hardship.

21. Hero by Enrique Iglesias

“Hero” by Enrique Iglesias is a heartfelt ballad that pays tribute to good men.

The song tells the story of a man who may not have superpowers or wears a cape but still possesses qualities that make him a hero.

It celebrates the unsung heroes in our lives, whether they’re a father, brother, friend or partner.


What’s a good love song to send to a man?

Here’s a list of good love songs that would be perfect to send to a man:

  1. “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne, with its soulful lyrics expressing gratitude for the love of your life;
  2. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith, an iconic rock ballad that captures the intense feeling of never wanting to let go;
  3. “All of Me” by John Legend, with its beautiful piano melody and romantic lyrics about loving someone’s flaws and all;
  4. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen a fun and upbeat tune that perfectly sums up the craziness and excitement of falling in love;
  5. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri speaks of eternal love and standing by someone through thick and thin.
  6. These are just some examples from an endless list of amazing love songs that will surely make any man feel loved and cherished.

What is the song about a boy growing up to be a man?

There are many good songs that capture the universal theme of a boy growing up and becoming a man.

These songs often touch on the journey from childhood innocence to adulthood, highlighting the challenges, lessons, and growth that come with it.

Some famous examples include:

  1. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, reflects on the bittersweet process of letting go of youthful dreams and embracing maturity;
  2. “The River” by Bruce Springsteen, which tells a poignant story about the pressures and responsibilities faced by young men as they enter adulthood;
  3. “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan has a timeless message of staying true to oneself while navigating the complexities of life.

These songs resonate with those going through this universal transition and serve as inspirational anthems for anyone striving to become their best self.

Is sharing music flirting?

In today’s digital age, sharing music has become common communication, especially among young adults.

However, the question arises: is sharing music considered flirting? The answer to this question can vary depending on the context and intentions behind the act.

For some people, sharing music is a way to express their feelings for someone without directly stating it.

It can be seen as a subtle hint or a way to initiate a conversation about shared interests.

On the other hand, for some individuals, sharing music may not necessarily hold any romantic connotations. It could simply be a way to bond with friends or acquaintances over a mutual taste in music.

How do you propose to a boy through song?

Proposing to someone can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when it comes to confessing your feelings for a boy.

But one way to make it more special and memorable is by incorporating music into your proposal.

First, choose a song that has significant meaning to you or reflects your emotions towards the person. Practice singing it until you’re confident enough to perform before him.

Then, set the right mood by creating a romantic atmosphere with candles or fairy lights.

Start singing the song while maintaining eye contact and adding small gestures like holding his hand or getting closer to him.

When the song ends, please take a deep breath and tell him how much he means to you before popping the big question.

When a guy plays love songs around you?

When a guy plays love songs around you, it could mean he is trying to express his feelings for you subtly.

Love songs are often used as a way to convey emotions that are difficult to put into words.

They can serve as a way for the guy to show you how he truly feels without directly saying it.

It could also be his attempt at setting the mood and creating a romantic atmosphere to capture your attention and make you feel special.

Playing love songs around you might also be his way of sharing his interests and trying to find common ground between you.


Songs about good men are a powerful reminder of individuals’ positive impact on our lives.

They serve as anthems for the unsung heroes and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves.

Whether you’re looking for a song to celebrate the good men in your life or simply seeking musical motivation, this list has covered you.

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